If the Shoe Fits

Jennifer Trinidad, D.P.M., FACFAOM

Don’t let the wrong shoe size have you footing the bill.

When you go to the doctors office and you fill out new patient paperwork there is something unique about visiting a Foot Doctor.  Here at Hilliard Family PODIATRY, we ask your shoe size.  Now most patients know their shoe size with the exception of the pediatric patients with growing feet.  Surprisingly no matter what you tell us you’re probably wrong.  You may tell me you’re a shoe size 9 but you’re no longer in high school. When was the last time your feet were professionally measured?

There is an art to shoe size measurement.  A Brannock device is the international standard for the footwear industry.  Before the Brannock there was a RITZ stick.   The Brannock measures foot width, foot length heel to toe and arch length from heel to ball of big toe joint.

Did you know one foot can have two shoe sizes?  Of course, how long are your toes?  Shoes will bend at the ball of the foot and if your arch is too long or too short then your shoe size changes.  Feet should be measured to the longest toe and full weight bearing.  As you stand, feet lengthen and widen.  This is due to stretching of ligaments/tendons which may lead to joint instability.  Feet also tend to measure larger at the end of the day due to swelling.  Postpartum women often complain that their feet have grown in shoe size.  The same hormones that relax the pelvic girdle (causing the pregnant waddling gait) also relaxes and stretches the ligaments of the foot bones.  This results in the increase in shoe size.

So now your feet have been measured and you know what shoe size to buy.  Buyer beware not all brands run “true to size.”  So next you find the shoe you would like to wear but you’re still not out of the woods.  Toes are often crowded in narrowed toe boxes and pointy toed shoes.  If you noticed a painful small bump forming over a toe knuckle you’re likely getting a “corn.”  Much like a boxer in training, you may develop “knuckle pads” as a response to the repetitive micro-trauma that occurs when toes curl and hit the top inside the shoe.

Don’t let the wrong shoe size have you  footing the bill and come on in for a Podiatric History, Physical, Gait Analysis and get your feet measured for the New Year 2017!  

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Are You Done Doctoring Your Feet?



Somethings should be left to the Professional.  Yes, I’m talking to you about seeing me, Dr. Jennifer Trinidad.  You may have your methods and ways about doctoring your feet.  Sometimes it does more harm than good.  For instance, you know you’re guilty if you do at-home “bathroom surgery.”  Drop the tools, stop the peroxide and pick up the phone!  If you find it necessary to “hide the tools” from family members maybe you (they) should come on in for an evaluation.

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A few comments I often hear:

“Wow, that made a difference”

“Wish I would have come earlier”

“That didn’t hurt”

“I’m getting better

So if it’s skin to bone below the knee come see a Podiatric Physician in your local Ohio area.

Better yet, come see me Dr. Jennifer Trinidad and/or husband Dr. Adam Thomas at Hilliard Family PODIATRY, LLC.  5539 Hilliard Rome Office Park, Hilliard, OH 43026.

You can also visit http://www.APMA.org to locate a Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association in your area.